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Wirtz-Chemieprodukte GmbH


Wirtz-Chemieprodukte GmbH

Your reliable partner for sophisticated and high-quality fine and specialty chemical products

The world is in a constant state of change. Today there is hardly a problem in the world that can be solved without chemistry. We work for and with our customers on projects in established markets such as pharmaceuticals, crop protection, cosmetics, coatings and additives. At the same time, we are developing future-based markets and innovative applications, such as novel energy storage systems, sustainable crop protection products based on natural substance extracts or bio-based plastics with improved recyclability.

Through all this change, the core of our work has hardly changed in over 40 years: We attach great importance to direct, personal contact and long-term, partnership-based relationships with our principals and customers.

A family business in its third generation.

The beginnings

The company's founder, Heinz Wirtz, first passed through several professional stations at smaller and larger chemical companies in Europe, where he experienced the challenges first-hand that had to be overcome when working together across different cultures and national borders.
In 1980, Heinz Wirtz then founded Wirtz-Chemieprodukte GmbH with the aim of representing medium-sized fine and specialty chemical producers from Western countries in the German-speaking market and thus reducing the complexity of these business relationships.

The second generation

After a short time, the chemist Oswald Wirtz - the second generation of the Wirtz family - joined the company. The initial focus was on products for the pharmaceutical and crop protection industries, which at that time had the highest demand for innovative and technically sophisticated chemicals.
Oswald Wirtz continued to develop the company together with his employees and further, specialized applications were added: the portfolio of partner companies, technologies and customers was steadily expanded over the years. Today Wirtz-Chemieprodukte GmbH is present in almost all segments of the chemical industry.
After the departure of the founder Heinz Wirtz, Oswald Wirtz continued to run the company as sole managing director.


Since 2021, long-time employee Gerd Bucholski and business chemist Ann-Kathrin Wirtz have been leading Wirtz-Chemieprodukte GmbH as managing directors. They accompany reshoring and outsourcing projects with their customers and support them in the sustainable transformation of their value chain.
Oswald Wirtz is still available to us and our customers in an advisory capacity after his retirement from the company at the end of 2022.

Our service
Everything you need.

Chemical products

Placement of contract manufacturing and custom synthesis

Catalog product marketing

Supply of specific building blocks, fine and specialty chemicals

Project management

Support from laboratory sample to industrial production

Troubleshooting and solution-oriented approach

Mediation, support and maintenance of technical exchange between suppliers and customers

Customer Service

Local contact for technical and commercial questions

Long-term relationships with contacts in R&D, procurement and supply chain management

Comprehensive knowledge of markets and development opportunities

We would like to emphasize that we do not act as a distributor; the business relationship is always established directly between the clients and our principals. However, we accompany and support every step of the project by acting as external marketing and sales team of our partners.

All chemical products originate from western production.

Products + technologies

Custom synthesis and contract manufacturing

With our exclusive partners we can offer you almost the entire range of organic reactions. For this purpose, a large number of multi-purpose vessels in stainless steel, Hastelloy and glass enamel are available in Europe and the USA.

The reactors range from laboratory sizes up to 50 m³, so that products can also be manufactured on a multikiloton scale. However, most of our partners produce in plants in the 3 to 12 m³ range.

Some of our principals have autoclaves for pressure reactions of up to 120 bar, in continuous plants even up to 250 bar. For work-up and reprocessing, there are numerous distillation columns (with up to 50 theoretical plates) as well as thin film evaporators, centrifuges and various types of dryers.

All partners have ISO certifications for quality (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001) or work according to ISO 9001 standards. cGMP (pharmaceutical and veterinary), cosmetics (ISO 22716 or EFfCI), FSSC 22000 (food), kosher/halal and other industry-standard certifications are possible as well. In addition, almost all of the companies we represent have excellent EcoVadis ratings.

Specialty and fine chemicals

On top of custom synthesis and contract manufacturing, our partners also offer their own products, which are manufactured on a regular basis or in campaigns.

In addition to products that are often available directly from stock, you will also find many materials in our product list that are only manufactured on request, or for whose production the know-how and technologies are available.

Natural products extraction

Natural substances obtained directly from plants or plant parts are becoming increasingly important in the industry, whether in cosmetics, the pharmaceutical industry or in the field of crop protection.

We offer you a partner who performs extractions innovatively without solvents (microwave technology) and who is a pioneer in this field of natural product extraction.

Precious metal catalysts and recycling

Our European partner is a medium-sized family business that offers you the complete range from catalyst development and production to recycling of the precious metal as a full-circle service.

The capacity of production of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts ranges from 1 kg to several 10 tons.

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